Why should I donate to GWH?

Credit: Tony WillsYour donation will fund vital research into British wildlife diseases of conservation concern. We exist to discover and assess the disease threats facing our native populations of wildlife. Our work provides the public and policy makers with the information to prevent population declines due to disease.

While our research relies on reports of morbidity and examination of animals after they have died, it is often through these sad incidents that valuable information is produced.

Participating in the project is completely free-of charge for members of the public. We cover the costs of all laboratory tests, consumables and expenses incurred with submission of specimens to ensure that everyone has access to the project. At considerable expense, our tissue archive is preserved and monitored around the clock to ensure the samples are safe for future research.

We are currently seeking funding to maintain the project (which is not guaranteed beyond 2015). Your donation will help to continue the work of GWH in safeguarding the health of British wild animal populations.

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